Hi all.. Much love to the developers who have collectively allowed me to customize the s*** out of my pre. You should all be working for Palm.

This is my first and probably last patch request. I've abstained til now because there are already a glut of random requests, and a plethora of already available awesome patches, so I've been reluctant to add to the noise.

only reason I'm asking is because there is already a calendar location word wrap patch, so I'm hoping this would be an easy one.

Basically its like this.. I like to put the relevant info in the event title, because that's how its always displayed best in my desktop outlook exchange account. As long as I allow enough hours in the event for all the text to display. I don't see any reason why the webOS caledar can't respond the same way. But right now if I give an event, say, three hours, a simple shopping list cuts off after the first line, leaving the rest of the field needlessly blank.

thank you and happy holidays, this forum and all of you are the best.