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    Im not sure if this is possible, but i think it would be great if when the phone is slid open to unlock, then sliding it closed automatically locks it, instead of having to press the power button.

    I imagine this would be very complicated or even impossible, but if you unlock via the power button then sliding closed doesnt lock the device.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that even considers it.
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    hello all,
    i'm also desperately needing this feature.
    im a lucky owner of a pre2 but i come from the SE W995 which had this feature. Im used to it and i think it would make a great improvement to the pre.
    i think we need some sort of "intelligent" patch to lock the screen only if we slide the kb in when the desktop (or is it called homescreen?) is empty or when the cards are minimized.
    i dont think its difficult for a skilled programmer but it would need to be webos 2 compatible.

    does such a patch already exist?


    i really like webos
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    just to be clear the patch request its for :

    slide back in the keyboard to lock the phone (instead/in addition to the top right corner button)
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