I thought this was a great idea, but it was posted in the Development forum.. so since I was afraid someone who could potentially make this work wouldn't see it, I decided it repost it here..

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I'm sure cached webpages has been asked of before, however If that's too lofty of a goal, I was wondering if you could have a patch for TRUE multitasking with the browser app. It seems when you get out of the browser app (or even the google maps app) for longer than a few minutes or so, the webpage just remembers the web address and then refreshes itself when you go back to the card. This is particularly annoying if i'm writing something on a site, I leave the card to do something and come back to have what i've written refreshed away. At the very least it would be nice to have the google maps app not refresh after you leave it, because it erases the searches you've done as well as the directions you have listed! This is extremely annoying, and on a mobile platform that emphasizes multitasking, not being able to have the browser running in the background with other applications sucks.

So basically a cached browsing patch, or if not that, a browsing in the background patch. Is this feasible or no?