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    The large header bar (with the file name) in the PDF viewer app is annoying for two reasons - it takes up a lot of screen real estate, especially in landscape mode, for very little gain; and it makes viewing/scrolling through find results impossible.

    So I got rid of it on my phone. I'm not a programmer, though, so all I did was hide it - not remove it entirely. I'm also not sure how to make .patch files, so you'll have to do the following with quickinstall and notepad, or on a rooted pre with novacom/putty.

    In /usr/palm/applications/, change line 1 to
    <div id="header" style="height:0px;">
    In /usr/palm/applications/, change line 1 to
    <div id="topHead" class="palm-header left" style="height:0px;">
    and change line 3 to
        <div id="documentname" x-mojo-loc="" class="truncating-text" style="height:0px;"></div>
    It doesn't actually take anything out script-wise, just makes the header have zero height.

    A few caveats - the top bar is gone in both portrait and landscape, but "find" doesn't really work in landscape mode and I wouldn't recommend trying (I had to restart my phone because it hung). Perhaps this is one of the reasons palm hasn't officially enabled landscape mode yet. Also, it's not aesthetically pleasing - instead of the header with the title, there's a thin strip of black space between the document that's being viewed and the menu bar with the date/time/etc. Although it's not as large and annoying as the header and isn't actually hurting anything, it's not pretty and I don't know where it's coming from or how to get rid of it.

    Hope this is at least helpful to some people who were as annoyed as me by this feature.
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    not good at PuTTY or programming...request this be made into a patch. Pdf is seless to me if I can't use the find function...
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    You have Web OS Quickinstall, right? Use Tools/Receive File to get the files listed above onto your computer, (probably want to copy them somewhere else as backups), open them with Notepad, make the changes described above, and use Tools/Send File to put them back in the same place.

    It's not that hard........
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    You Sir, are a genius. Thank you for this discovery. I hope that someone will pake this into a patch soon. Maybe if you contact jason on the forums. I hear he's really good at this stuff.
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    I'm female. But you're very welcome :-)

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