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    I guess I'm a sicko, but I really want to run dnet on my Pre, if only to see how fast it is. However I would love the ability to run it while it charges on the Touchstone overnight.

    Since the Pre is basically a Linux box, surely this can be done - perhaps a wrapper around the Linux app, or a front end?
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    If you install the Terminal application from Preware, or otherwise bring up a terminal of your Pre, you could try fetching one of the clients from's download page (specifically, the Linux [ARM/ELF] one) and running it from there easily enough. If it does not work, however, it's not open source software -- you cannot go ahead and try to compile it yourself.
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    Hm, not bad. The terminal thing looks like I need something else - the bash package, maybe?
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    Oh Lord, I'm in way over my head here...
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    Piece of cake.

    The Linux ARM EABI client was built for palm tenderloin.
    I opened an Xterm and used wget to put the binary on my TouchPad.
    Anything that gets you to the command line (e.g. novaterm) should do.

    Running full out on both cores, righ now my little WebOS tablet is adding 4,556,800 keys per second to my uploads. That's twice what my big old laptop PC used to get.
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    How about OGR?

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