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    Im not sure if I have really seen such patch somewhere or it was only a request of if it was only a dream of my.

    Does such patch exist? if yes, could somebody point me to it?

    if no, would it be possible to create it?

    thank you and Im sorry if this thread is a duplicate of some other one.. I did the usual search, but no luck finding enything....

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    doesnt exist? and nobody would be interested?
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    It doesn't exist, it's a large change in current functionality. I find that If I open everything I used to keep on the quick launch bar and keep those open, then select things I rarely use and put them there, it seems to encompass all my day-to-day use of my phone.
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    yes it could be done but to find someone to do , it is another question lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I know it was talked about removing the launcher icon (very hard to do)... but If it would possible to add two more icons... maybe three... :-) I sure know what I would put there
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    BTW: I was talking about the QL, but what I would really like to have extended is the "quick launch wave" as I have the QL hidden by patch
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    I would definitely like to add another icon or two to the Quick Launch Bar.
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    +1 for adding icons to the wave!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pureinstinct93 View Post
    I would definitely like to add another icon or two to the Quick Launch Bar.
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    no way to do this?

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