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    i have the patch that hides the quick launch, and after i got it, i got curious, and i was wondering if its possible for there to be a patch that moves the quick launch to the one of the sides of your choice (hidden or not), and the wave would come from said side. if the quick launch was on the right, it would leave the launcher button in the same position. this could also be useful for left handed users, if on the left side. just an idea.
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    no feedback? is it possible?
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    nope not possible! that said because we use the gesture+slide to launch the wave bar
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    that makes sense now, haha
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    I was just about to make this suggestion for the Quick Launch Bar.

    To move it from Horizontal view to Vertical view. This way there would be more room to add more than 4 items (plus the launcher button) to the launcher bar.

    From what I read in this thread, someone said it is not technically possible.

    If that is not possible, how about making the icons (in the quick launch bar) very small, and then there might be room for maybe two more icons?

    Is that possible?

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