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    There is one serious deficiency in PDFView: a complete lack of bookmarking (making bookmarks, not using existing bookmarks) or auto-loading the last page loaded. The late PalmPDF (for Palm OS) would open a PDF to the last page viewed, which was very convenient for reading books. Opening a PDF to the first page, with the default, zoomed-out view, every single time, and memorizing or writing down the page you were on, then manually typing in that page number, is a huge hassle, and a deterrent to reading on the go.

    If someone could produce a patch to remember the last page and, if possible, the last view (zoom level, etc) for each PDF, it would be of immense use to many.

    Also, thanks to all those who've released patches and apps thus far. Awesome stuff.
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    No interest?

    Or would this not be feasible to create?

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