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    Since 1.3.1 my palm cannot negotiate the SSL redirect sent from my colllege wi-fi network for authentication purposes. (1.2.1 had no trouble)

    Apparently, Man in the Middle attacks are the flaw-du-jour and 1.3.1 has cut that vulnerability out of the web 1.0 browser app.

    I'd like to have the 1.2.1 flexibility/vulnerability patched back in to my 1.3.1 system, since holding out on the 'mandatory' 1.2.1->1.3.1 upgrade isn't a reasonable option and since the 1.2.1 webOSDoctor isn't easy to find.


    Someone could point me in the direction of how to edit the webOS 1.3.1 security policy in order to enable the 1.2.1 flexibility (files, editors, the works)

    This patch would likely put a band-aid on many user frustrations with browser errors 2051 and 2035 with respect to SSL, and possibly imperfect certificates.
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    see the following thread for all the research I've done on this matter:
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