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    I only ran one benchmark, but I want to start this thread so that we can post our real numbers here, instead of saying things like "yeah.. it looks faster"

    I ran this benchmark 10x on the Pre, with the 500mhz patch, and then with the 600mhz Smartreflex patch. Numbers are the average score. ( you have to hit "run benchmark" 10 times to get 10 runs)
    Run Benchmark - JSBenchmark

    600mhz: 17 +- 2
    500mhz 15 +- 2

    If anyone else knows of any benchmarks that work on the pre please try and post your numbers. I tried a few benchmarks like this one but it didn't even start on the pre: V8 Benchmark Suite

    UPDATE- Make sure you're only running the benchmark and no other pages or apps open when you test, so we get accurate results.
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    i got 20 +-2 smartreflex @600
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    I just ran mine with smartreflex 600 and got
    20+ 1 after ten runs
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