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    I just installed the european version of 1.3.1 on my german Pre, but unfortunately the LED Notifications patch doesn't seem to work. It even 'destroys' the settings window:

    It would be great if someone could fix this issue...

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    That's because the localized files are not patched, so the initialization of the scene fails. And the view is messed up because it's not fully initialized. I already posted this at the LED Notification thread (
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    Does it mean that it does work when you have English language selected on the German Pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by spud101 View Post
    Does it mean that it does work when you have English language selected on the German Pre?
    Yes, just tried it... If i switch to english, the menu shows up jsut fine...
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    I Hope this will be fixed soon...
    everytime if i want to change the brightness i have to choose English before its possible to change them....
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    For all non english users who need this patch and can not wait for a fix. Here is a short guide to do patch the localized files yourself.

    But be warned, if you don't know what a HTML comment is or how to edit text files, please don't do this and wait for the official fix!

    So here are the steps:
    1. install the normal LED Notifications Patch
    2. get the file
      (for your language replace "de_de" with es_es, es_us, fr_fr, es_mx, fr_ca or it_it) as descibed in this post under "Original post:"
      Don't do the whole patch manually! Only edit the file mentioned above!
    3. create a backup of the localized securityconfig-scene.html !!!
    4. remove the HTML comments from the tags at the end of the file (line numbers may vary depending in the language of the file)
    5. put the changed file back to the location you got it from (as described in the post linked above)

    That's it! Now your LED Notification Patch should work.

    And don't forget to change this back, before the next update or before updating to a new patch version (hopefully containing the localized files).

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