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    Merged these to together because you couldn't have both installed.

    Works on my Pre 1.3.1 compatible.

    See post
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    I get a malformed patch at like 13 error. Wonder which of my many many patches is causing the issue.
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    yeah could be any patch that edited these files (like data, gps etc.. patches in menu)

    Patching confuses me a bit, I used the vanilla files but if someone else has a patch installed that uses these files this and others prolly won't work.

    Is there a way around that?
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    the pre i'm installing this patch on does not have any of the other device-menu patches (gps, wifi, etc) installed. i'm also seeing the same error. screenshot attached.
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    same error here. i have brightness and no airplane mode patches installed.
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    here is an updated patch for you guys... should work, make sure you remove the no date and no battery patch before applying
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    im getting the error too.....did you get this to work on your phone?
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    Did you try the one I just posted above?

    I also don't have any patches applied to my device menu. You can try removing all your device menu patches, installing this one and then reinstalling the other ones.
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    devinkray, is there a way to combine this patch that removes the battery and date with the advanved menu patch the places the dual brightness, data, and roaming in the menu bar? I am attaching the patches for both ones I am talking about.
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    Quite possible, if I'm free later today I'll see what I can do
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    Maybe add compatibility with the Data Connection, and GPS patches?
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    yeah, one omni patch would be fantastic

    just fantastic

    edit: add in another slider to control keyboard brightness. having to dl an app and then keep it open in the dashboard is a bit annoying
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