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    i'm not a fan of swiping/dragging the phone up to unlock (using the pixi). the pre you could slide the phone open and it would unlock (if i remember correctly). i would prefer to just press the button and it would be ready for use!
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    +1 would be a nice idea or they could do the same for the pinlock with a timer that would be great too
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    been trying to get someone to do this too. i hate unlocking the phone. i wish i could turn this feature on and off. if i hit the top button it should just be ready to use, not locked.
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    I agree. I used Treos for years, and you needed the two-button screen unlock for when it was in your pocket. With a capacitive touchscreen, there's really not much need for this if you don't want it. I'd prefer to just let the center button on the Pre turn on the screen. For the Pixi, I guess it would have to be the power button. Would love to see a patch for this.
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    Been searching for this patch for awhile, even brought up some old treads to try to get the ball rolling. I would like the option to disable it when I don't need/want it. My BB Storm did not have a slide lock and I never had problems with it activating when in my pocket. In fact someone else with a BB Storm downloaded an app where he could have the slide lock, maybe he wanted to more like an iphone, I thought it was needless app at the time, still do.
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    I think i have a old thread about this too. I find my self pressing the top button to light up the screen only to find that now i have to do a curvy motion with my thumb to unlock it. I don't think the top button is ever going to get pressed if i don't want it to.

    the screen lock should be a option you can turn on or off.
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    I used to have an enV, and to unlock it, I would have to push the OK button twice. How about something to simulate the center button twice to unlock (or even once to put the phone "on," then forcing you to slide it open, which would be fine).
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    I'm looking into whether this is possible, and if so, writing a patch for it. Here's what I've found so far.

    Firstly, I searched for any file with the word "lock" in it in "/" (seemed like a good place to start).

    root@palm-webos-device:/# find . -name '*lock*'
    Looking at those files, they sure do look like the little padlock icons that you have to swipe up to onlock on the "swipe-to-unlock screen" (or whatever it's actually called).

    OK, so we've found the image files that are used for the swipe-to-unlock screen. Next step is to find out where they are being used.

    root@palm-webos-device:/# grep -r 'screen-lock-padlock-off.png' /usr/*
    /usr/lib/ipkg/info/luna-sysmgr.md5sums:77248475105d446f8412128f0fbb6d1e *./usr/palm/sysmgr/images/screen-lock-padlock-off.png
    Oh...well, um. Looks like they are only referenced from the (closed source, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK) $binary$ $LunaSysMgr$ $and$ $it$'$s$ $ipkg$ $meta$-$data$. $That$'$s$ $no$ $fun$. $Not$ $at$ $all$.

    That basically means that the swipe-to-unlock screen is implemented in the actual binary Luna UI, not in a regular application (which we could patch easily). That poses a dilemma.

    At this point, I see two options: 1) patch the LunaSysMgr binary to make the swipe-to-lock call a no-op (this is a bit beyond my skill set--I'm not very familiar with x86 assemler, let alone arm op-codes), 2) see how LunaSysMgr plays with the PIN/password lock in the "Screen & Lock" preferences, and possibly do some voodoo with that.

    As option (1) is not really feasible (at least not by me), I'm thinking option (2) is the way to go. I've only had my pre a couple weeks, and haven't used a PIN/password lock, so I'm not sure how the swipe-to-unlock feature plays with that. I'm guessing that if a PIN/password lock is set, it disables the swipe-to-unlock feature. If that is a true assumption, then I can probably write a patch that will tell LunaSysMgr that a PIN/password lock is enabled, but make the actual PIN/password lock mechanism do nothing, so the effect is that it never actually locks (whether PIN/password or swipe-to-unlock).

    I know that's pretty hackish, and an ugly kludge, but it's my best idea at this point. Any input is welcome.
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    I would be happy to see that one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeeSage View Post
    I'm guessing that if a PIN/password lock is set, it disables the swipe-to-unlock feature. If that is a true assumption ...
    Looks like that is a false assumption. With PIN/password lock enabled, I still get the swipe-to-unlock screen first. I'm out of ideas.
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    I too would like to have the swipe to unlock process bypassed. I know when I'm driving and I have to use the phone that I have to fumble around with my Pre to move the padlock icon so I can get to the main screen. Personally, it's a big pain and would love to see a patch that disables it.
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    keep this thread alive. this is one of the few items left that desperately needs to be fixed. just think of the joy of picking your phone up hitting one button and the phone is ready to go.
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    This is one of my gripes about the Pre too. As as a long time Treo and Centro user, I really liked turning the screen on and off with the button and being ready to go. The extra swipe step is not needed for my kind of use as it doesn't reside in my pocket much so accidental screen input doesn't happen much or go unnoticed long.

    Regarding in car use and avoiding the unlock swipe, it is also an option to set the screen to never turn off, but that requires the "More Standby Times" patch be installed. I have a touchstone in my care and it sits there nicely with the screen on the whole time.

    Regarding the secure unlock, it takes 4 steps to get to the phone running if the display is off.

    1. Turn on screen
    2. Swipe up to get to Pin Screen
    3. Enter Pin
    4. Hit DONE

    This seems really lame, no? I noticed on my friend's Iphone, he turns on screen, the Pin Screen comes up, he enters it and BAM he is in. That's only TWO steps for those of you scoring at home. This was not well thought out on the Pre, IMHO.

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