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  • Powersave CPU Scaling 600 MHz

    26 11.02%
  • Powersave CPU Scaling 500 MHz

    12 5.08%
  • Powersave CPU Scaling Other MHz

    2 0.85%
  • Powersave Smartreflex 600 MHz

    89 37.71%
  • Powersave Smartreflex 500 MHz

    37 15.68%
  • Powersave Smartreflex other MHz

    4 1.69%
  • Undecided

    48 20.34%
  • I don't think its wise to scale CPU

    18 7.63%
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    Quote Originally Posted by J0415 View Post
    Wow, surprised so many people are taking the risk with the 600Mhz patch considering that the 500Mhz is much safer
    I say, go for the bleeding edge. :P

    However, I'm the dude that has a i7 920 on watercooling @ 4.5 Ghz and Waterblocks on the GPUs running significantly beyond their stock speeds.

    PErsonally, I'm all for speed gains, and i'm willing to take the risk.
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    Installed Smartrefelx 600 yesterday... no problems whatsoever, did see some relative improvement in speed on some applications. Ran battery monitor for about 5 hours after that, seems to me that a power draw while in a sleep mode is much less than it used to be. I will try to run battery monitor all day sometime in the future to see if I notice any difference...
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    So comparing Apples to we will go with the 500MHz patches.

    Whats the major differences between the Reflex (voltage) and the CPU scaling patches...

    I am mainly wanting to have a Pre that is fast when using it, YET have good battery life. I am not sure which one would be a better candidate after reading through the forums.

    Any ideas/suggestions? and comments on the benefits vs. the risks?
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    As of this morning, none of the above.
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    I went with the 500 MHz Reflex patch for the time being, no issues yet. I immediately noticed great improvements to several apps. Even Pandora takes about half as long to start up as before! My Pre is a early June version, about a week after launch.

    Thank you for this great patch developers!
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    I have decided to use Powersave CPU Scaling 600 now for a couple of days. So far, not bad. The speed is ALOT faster but I haven't noticed a big difference in powersaving yet. Still checking it out though.

    Why not use the 600 anyway? I mean, I take it most of you have phone insurance through Sprint you can use to just grab another phone but if you don't, you DO have the manufacture's warranty. With a little smooth talk, I have absolutely no doubt you can get a new phone.

    I would like a comparison though. I dont know which is better, CPU Scaling or smartreflex.

    Would someone be willing to break down the differences of each?
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    I've been using the Smartreflex 600 since Sunday and havent had any issues. Using Battery monitor, with the screen set to 14% and running the way i normally do, dozen calls or so , 20 texts and some surfing and email checking every hour, current usage is 8h55m with the drainage perhour being .79, with 79.77 hrs of life remaining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brain_ReCall View Post
    I gotta say, I don't think your average Preware user should be using these patches. There are already several reports of permanently bricked Pre's.

    I'm a computer engineer, so I know a little about what these two patches are doing. That said, I'm not touching either one. I simply do not want to increase the chances of crashes or premature death. To each his own, though, so good luck to those who are using them.
    I don't see any harm in using the 500mhz smartreflex one, all we're doing there is enabling the power saving features built into the chip which there seems to be no logical reason for palm not using in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catdaemon View Post
    I don't see any harm in using the 500mhz smartreflex one, all we're doing there is enabling the power saving features built into the chip which there seems to be no logical reason for palm not using in the first place.
    Probably no harm, it would be unlikely to affect the total lifespan of the CPU. However, it could have a great influence on the system stability.

    Smartflex is dynamically adjusting CPU voltage across several regions around the chip. The problem arises when one of those regions can't handle a voltage drop and enters an unstable state.

    Smartflex was design into the OMAP3, but that doesn't mean it will work for everyone. Palm probably designed the Pre to stay at a fixed 500MHz with a fixed voltage, and to reduce cost and increase supply of early shipments they would only require TI to quality-check for those conditions.

    Besides that, the CPU just doesn't consume that much power. After awhile, Palm already throws the CPU into standby where it consumes milliwatts of power. Even under a fixed frequency/voltage, the OMAP3 is pulling less than 2 watts under full load. The cell radio, on the other hand, can consume several 10s of watts under use.
    Quote Originally Posted by Brain_ReCall
    I'm an Embedded Software Engineer. My idea of a Good User Interface is printf().
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    My Pre has been running the SF 600 patch since Wed, no problems so far. I ran the battery tester app for on my Pre in idle (BT off, WiFi off and checking email every 30 min) and came back with a reading of 1.95, 49 hours of battery life. No problems to report so far, still liking it.
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