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    I unfortunately didn't remove all patches and themes using pre-ware before upgrading to 1.3.1 WebOS.... now I'm in a catch 22.

    In pre-ware I try to update the patches but it says I have to remove patches first before I can upgrade. When I attempt to remove it gives me an error..... I'm also no longer able to uninstall a theme using Pre-Ware?

    Is there a way to reset all of the apps and patches without removing my e-mail and contacts like a full reset? I know the partial erase removes apps AND personal data.

    Seems like I can't uninstall nor can I upgrade/update.... how do I fix it without having to go and start from scratch? IN retrospect I found a bunch of "don't do this" for upgrading without uninstalling but didn't see a "here's what you do to fix it if you did"
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    Try using the WebOS repair utility. If all else fails you can see the Doctor.
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    Try running Emergency Patch Recovery in Preware.

    Start Preware>List of Everything and type "Emergency." Then select it from the list.

    Be sure to either run Luna Manager or restart the device after running EPR. This solves the problem for many, without deleting files to the extent that WebOS Doctor does.
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    [QUOTE=gc916;2056341...Be sure to either run Luna Manager...[/QUOTE]For those not sure how to do a quick Luna Restart or what Luna Manger is, there is now an official Luna Manager Thread.

    Thanks, Oil!

    - Craig

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