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    Would someone be willing to take on a Messaging Remix Patch?

    As I would image it, the Messaging Remix Patch would be a combination of a dozen patches all in one. There might be a button on the Preference menu that would say Advanced Options. Tap it and you would go to a new Advanced Options Menu:
    Timestamps: Default, Always On, Clean, Fancy
    Avatar: None, Right Side, Left Side
    - - Avatar file:________________
    Character Counter: ON/Off
    Landscape Mode: ON/Off
    Audio/Video Attachment: Enabled/Disabled
    Enter Key:Sends Message,New Line
    SMS Tone Per Contact: ON/Off

    This keeps the added patch code out of the regular menu for easier updates. Also, if Palm is to ever include the patches, they need a way for the user to select each patch version that they might want.

    What do you think?
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    This would probably require quite a bit of work to get everything to mesh cleanly, as well as adding the UI elements. A homebrew app to toggle the options instead of being in the app menu would probably be an easier option to start out with. Definitely a great idea though.

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