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    +1 to the original idea. I miss this feature. This is a true time saver.
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    yep yep def would be nice
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    and +1

    Another of many Centro features that Palm (or Jason) needs to add to webOS...
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    I tried to do this as soon as I got the phone, and was really surprised, and dismayed, that it did'nt work that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theweaselslayer View Post
    That wouldn't help you on the dialing screen; you'd still need to use the keyboard.

    We want to be able to search contacts via T9 from the dialpad screen with the slide shut, like all of Palm's previous phones can do.
    Better late than never (date of msg).

    Both of these features are on android and only use the dial pad. On my wife's Hero, through T9, you can universal search the contacts.

    if I press 452, all the contacts with "452" and my friend raymond "GLA"sser shows up.

    So, how would searching the phone # and Name through the dial pad require a "keyboard"? Maybe you misunderstood my idea. ???
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    +1 for me too

    I came from an AT&T Tilt to the palm pre plus on Verizon and I used that feature ALL the time to quickly call up contacts. It did exactly this but gave me a list as it narrowed it down and I could stop and scroll down to dial a phone number.

    I love my palm pre but this is one of two features I miss from my tilt. I also used to be able to tap the senders name in an email and it would pull up their phone numbers and stuff as well in case I wanted to call the user. The pre, from what I've seen, only pulls up the email address.
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    Although this may add an extra step, it would eliminate the problem of screen real-estate.

    what about when numbers are entered, if it isnt a full 10 digit phone number entered, that when the call button is pressed it brings up a list of every contact that could match, and maybe at the bottom still have the option to dial the typed number if it isnt a contact?
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    +1 for this too. Definitely a feature I've been missing from my previous phones...
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    +1, my treo pro had it, not only would the dialer search by number and name simultaneously it would filter to most recent or frequently dialled number. The dialer is the one thing I hate about the Pre.
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    yes, this another feature from the Treo/Centro days that palm needs to add to the webOS dialer.
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    Anyone working on this?
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