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    Does anyone have the knowledge to do this, or at least indicate whether or not it's possible? I'm a fairly competent developer, but know very little about webOS alterations.

    From The webOS Internals Wiki Page:
    The Problem

    When dragging any element, system widget or the Launcher, there is a radius of 25 pixels before your drag goes into effect.

    Once the radius has been exceeded, WebOS will jerk suddenly to meet your finger's location.

    This large distance, and the subsequent sudden motion, reduce usability.
    [Moderator's Note] The patch was created! See post #5. There are three different patches to chose from: 8px, 10px, and 15px. If you are not sure try just the 15px version and you will be amazed at the difference.
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    Perfect idea for a patch.
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    I hope to see a patch for this also. Seems a little jerky at the current setting.
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    +1 for this, I think it'd up usability drastically.
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    Here is a patch where I set the touch radius to 10px. User taps are IMHO registered normally but the dragging system is overall a bit more responsive
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    It's really that easy? I can't wait to try this!
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    Wow... it does work. Great job! You should make a new thread for this.
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    Hey guys I have installed the patch but I can not find it using WEb OS quick install any suggestions thank you guys
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    If you used preware, there are 3 different patches you can choose from, 8px, 15px , and 10px
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    giving this a shot - thanks

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