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    Quote Originally Posted by cwgtex View Post
    I'm willing to bet that if running your Pre at 600MHz fries your processor, then you could take it to a Sprint store to get it replaced under warranty. Just play dumb and say it quit working. You could even tell them that you tried to run the webOS doctor from the Palm website and it didn't work. If it really did permanently damage the processor, then I doubt they could check anything to prove you made any changes.

    I wouldn't feel bad about this either. The processor is supposed to be 600MHz anyways. As we can see from the 7 pages of this thread there are plenty of people running at 600MHz with no permanent damage. If 1 out of 1000 Pre processors fries at 600MHz, then those are faulty hardware and should be replaced under factory warranty.

    Correct me if I am wrong; has anyone completely "bricked" their Pre by using this patch?

    I totally agree. I think they will replace it with no problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diminishedpower View Post
    reinstalled them, and tried doctor 1.2.1, both the phoen resets at 6% and freezes
    what about 1.3.1?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoototheyork View Post
    I'm having a similar problem to Diminishedpower I installed the CPU scaling and restarted my phone and it is stuck on the start up screen. I've reinstalled the novacom drivers and when I try to run webOS doctor it says I need to connect my phone to my computer even though they already are connected! What should I do?
    make sure the phone is powered off then hold the volume up key and then plug in the usb. you should see a big usb symbol on the pre then doctor it
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    Running Powersave smartflex at 600mhz with no issues. Seems to run faster and will see how battery does in long term.
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    6% both versions, 1.2.1 and 1.3.1 and i know i got it into the usb mode exactly as stated several places,
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    ive been running powerflex @600 and the battery has lasted all day. it seems a little faster but nothing to write home about. i had one freeze but i just restarted it and its been fine since then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diminishedpower View Post
    6% both versions, 1.2.1 and 1.3.1 and i know i got it into the usb mode exactly as stated several places,
    im sorry man im at a loss.
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    i am using the 600mhz smartflex, there are times it is laggy like bringing my app list, other thigs are fine. i have tried the 500 and 600 version and both seem equally laggy.
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    I installed the powersave Smartflex 600MHz and my pre is Handling it pretty well..It's soooo much faster..ABSOLUTLY no lags when launching apps. I've heard some people having freezing issues. I guess I'll take the risk. C'on Palm..!!! it's possible! work on it and make it stable and official.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    SmartReflex is a technology by TI built into the OMAP chipset that dynamically lowers voltage. The file also permanently sets CPU to 600mHz.

    CPU scaling instead sets the maximum CPU speed to 600mHz, but it dynamically changes the clock speed based on load, from 250mHz to 600mHz.

    Personally, I've had issues with playing videos with CPU scaling on, and have SmartReflex on, but keep the clock speed set to stock.
    Am I the only one who is still confused about the difference between these two patch options?

    In practical terms, what does it mean to dynamically adjust voltage vs dynamically adjusting clock speed?
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    I tried both already, but I settling with the CPU scaling one. Here are my personal observations/opinion.

    1) Early life bc of higher cpu speed: If this did happen, theres warranty and sprint insurance plan. Its not like either case they would be able to check how your phone died.
    2) This patch reduces speed to 250 when Pre screen is off VS the stock 'on all the time 500mhz'. Meaning, you are probly PROLONGING your pre's life since when its off its now at half the stock speeds. And lets face, the pre spends more time off then on for most people.
    3) In conjuction with #2, when it is on and its running at 600 vs 500, that extra 100 mhz for whatever amount of time it is that you run it, will be completely negated by the savings from when the phone is off at 250.
    4) The other patch may have a voltage regulator and all to save battery, but it still running at 500 or 600 all the time, so I doubt it is truly any better at all than the CPU scaling patch in any respect (battery or longevity of chip), I would 'guess' its actually worse in both aspects.

    I have been using the app (Battery Monitor) and it is showing great battery life so far in standby and under normal usage.

    Anywho, these are my thoughts
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    Just installed smartreflex 600mhz, rebooted and worked on the first try, did not have to take out the battery or anything.
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    so are all these patches being recalled? Looks that way in preware, the update wants it removed for being dangerous
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    Quote Originally Posted by diminishedpower View Post
    6% both versions, 1.2.1 and 1.3.1 and i know i got it into the usb mode exactly as stated several places,
    Try re-downloading WebOS Doctor from the Palm website. I had to do that to get mine to take. It downloads a small file which then downloads the entire thing and automatically kicks into WebOS Doctor. That's what worked for me. Directly executing the already downloaded one on my PC didn't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevlars9 View Post
    I totally agree. I think they will replace it with no problem.
    Yeah, seriously. They already replace them with way lesser issues.
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    well, I installed the scaling 600 mhz(all 3 updates) and had to pull my battery 2 times and it froze once. After the final update, no issues except for choppy video load ups. Thanks for this patch and the constant updates to the problems through out the day. You guys are the bees knees. Lol
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    Ive installed and uninstalled all four...on both the 600mhz versions I got alternated fast and choppy performance, didnt really notice anything with the 500 mhz versions...granted I probably didnt leave them installed long enough to thoroughly test them.

    That being said I decided to stick with the smartreflex 500mhz..after thinking about it, I decided my priority need was longer battery life and feel that this version has the best possibility for providing that with the least amount of issues.
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    why are the packages saying obsolete now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by flyboy1100 View Post
    why are the packages saying obsolete now?
    Those are ones you should NOT use. In patches categories, there is a 'Dangerous' category, use ONE of your own risk.
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    yes miens perm bricked and im waiting on a refurb due to the 600 scaling patch
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