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    There seem to be a lot of people having problems with time zones and Google calendars... there is an extensive post with a wish here, but i feel that his problems are more philosophical then mine... if you have a Google-calendar with recurring all-day events that is in another time zone, those events show up on the right day in google but on the wrong day in the Pre... This screw with my public holidays calendar and is rather annoying...
    I guess what i would like to see patched is how the pre handles recurring all day events that have a starttime !=00:00...
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    Hm... noone picked up on this :-(
    But I guess I can see why cause I tried to understand the source code of the palm pre calendar stuff and now my brain hurts :P
    Anyone feeling qualified as to give me a pointer which file to edit to intercept google calendar events and edit their date to not be moved if the timezone is off?
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    Much appreciate if someone can create a patch to unlink Network time from Network time zone.

    What I mean is, the patch would allow us to set the time zone manually to be wherever we want, but the network time will be the time at the actual location where we are. For instance, if we are in Dubai and we manually set the time zone as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the network time would be the time for Dubai, not Kuala Lumpur.

    Currently, if we are in Dubai and we manually set the time zone as Kuala Lumpur, the network time on our Pre would still be the time in Kuala Lumpur, not Dubai.

    This patch is important because currently when we travel between time zones, the time of events on our calendars change. For instance, if we enter a meeting at 12:00 noon when we are in Dubai, once we reach Malaysia the meeting is displayed as 5:00pm!

    My solution right now is to set both time and time zone manually, but it would be very convenient if our Pre can read the network time correctly.

    Thank you in advance!

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