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    if anyone can do this how bout a way to resend the text to the person you texted texted it a way to pop up in the submenus
    and have the default behavior be "Forward, Resend, Copy Text, and Delete"
    or can someone help me out with it.?
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    I had a failed text message which didnt send yesterday, clicked on the error icon and gave me the option to send again, ill post the screenshots in a few, maybe you can map the function to an extra button created in the menu like you described?


    here you go:
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    Can anyone help me out in making the resend button work.?
    ive tried couple of things but none work.
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    not sure how to make this button work can anyone help.?
    i just dislike having to tap fwd or copy text and input it just to resend the same message to that same person..sooo anyone please little help.

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