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    In the middle of installing the notification repeat messaging patch I got the "Too many cards open" error and my installation kept going and going and it seemed like it wasn't going to finish so I closed Preware in the middle of the installation. So now I can't remove the patch I get errors while trying to delete it. Anyway to fix this?

    WebOS gives me this error
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    Anybody can help me with this please?
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    Eh... the only way I figured to get past this kinda thing was one of the tools like the Emergency Patch Removal Tool.

    It's not an easy situation to plan for, I would imagine if Preware did a type of transaction monitoring this wouldn't be a problem, but it'd probably be more hassle for this type of situation.
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    I would recommend the EPR and if that doesn't work the WebOS Repair utility which I believe haa now been updated foor 1.3.1.

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