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    This patch will stop those annoying dropped call, end call, ignored call, and missed call sounds. It works well on my Pre. I need other people to confirm before I upload to Preware.

    Edit: Use the patch in post #11
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    I will try it today and let you know
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    Installing now. Thanks!
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    I have updated the patch to where now the missed call only appears as a dashboard notification. It works well on my Pre feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    installing now. i will update
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    patch works well, i just downloaded the ugotmail ringtone 2 days ago and it went off every time i ended or missed a call, now it only goes off when i get a text or email. great work!
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    I have that for my email tone and it is also the system default so that was my primary motivation. Thanks which one did you download the first one or second one?
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    Will you be sending this to preware soon?

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    Yes I just wanted to make sure it worked on other Pre's before I uploaded.
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    This patch has been updated to disable the dropped call sound. I rarely get those due to having an Airave at home so I didn't realize I didn't get the right line. Thanks to Nabrill for catching it.
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