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    Would like to see this as well.
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    we need jason on board
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    had no time to really look into it yet, sorry.
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    now that palm has so much on their plate, i am sure this feature is low on their priority list
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    I did notice there were Calender-Colors with some of the Themes that I have installed on my Pre; so I know Google Calender and it's colors can work on our phones. I would also like a Patch just for this. Because as Google Calender is setup on our Pre now; you have to click each day just to see what that even is. And when your like me and have Google Calender setup to display a lot of pre-set Holiday's; most of the days have an event on them.

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    Bump once more.

    I definetly want a patch for this.
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    Was about to post a new thread for this... I really need this patch, I mostly use month view and it would be great to see what kind of appointments are in each day

    Please somebody come out with a solution for this, for me it would THE patch

    Thank you very much
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    Add me to the list of wanting this patch.
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    I know it's not as good as a patch would be but do people know that if you tap the 'all' wit the arrow by it in the top right corner of the month view you can make it show just one or other of whatever calanders you have loaded?

    Like I said - not as good as the patch would be but it does help...
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    still interested in seeing this as a patch...+1
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    Would make a suggestion if possible to make the "all-day" events not block out the whole square for the date - maybe a dot somewhere, or change the color of the number. That way individual timed events would still be visible in the month view.
    I also Like this idea...if the unobtrusive all day events in month view and colors in month view were both implemented it would greatly improve the calendar.
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    hope they get with the game and have an active home screen (calendar, msgs, email, weather and time).
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    Well i must say i have put this as my number 1 thing i want the most out of my pre.

    I've done many posts about this and many feedback letters to Palm for this fix in detail.

    Each day has plenty of room for colors, PalmOS had little small squares,

    WebOS right now has 3 different settings, (one for morning, afternoon and night).
    Is they would just splice that grey bar in half, You could have 6 different colors at once in each day or they could splice it in 3's but leave out the middle for the number and you would have 8 different area's in the day for colors.

    Also, I dont know many people that actually use the calender for which times things are in monthly view so i see no purpose in have a morning/afternoon/night. If i have 1 thing on at night, I don't want the color block to be at the bottom, just put it at the top left.

    my 2 cents
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    I'm interested
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    'B' to tha 'UMP'...
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    I am very interested in this patch as well. I have 3 calendars of my own, and calendars for my kids and my wife

    Also, take a look at the patch in my signature, please give it some love if you find it interesting.

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    The month view is unfortunately 100% html/DOM, the other views are canvas where you can draw almost everything you want. I made some adjustments to the calendar and will think about some more colors in the month view too.
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