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    hi all. have a small problem, maybe someone can help.
    whenever i receive email, there is no notification for it.
    i installed the "repeat notification for emails" patch, and it might be the reosen for it, so i deleted it and reset the pre, but still, no notification. is anyone aware of why it would happen(maybe some other patch installed is causing it...)?
    reset didnt help...

    thank you for your help.
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    Did you check the New Message properties in the Preferences of your accounts?

    I've also heard this may be caused by updating without removing all patches, which means either the Emergency Patch Removal tool has to be used or a visit to the Dr.
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    Same here...I wasn't getting notified of new emails, even though I had it checked in my preferences. But since I loaded the "Delete from Notification" patch, I get notifications...not all the time, but it seems to be working more than without the patch. I even doctored my phone 2 times and it still didn't help.

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