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    1) Photo App- Have option to get rid of delete photo verification

    2) Camera- anyway to enable a delay between pressing the take picture button and the taking of the picture... the camera is very prone to shaking which leads to poor quality pics.. I find it easier to take pics with the space bar but then the phone is shakier due to its larger size.. Without th ekeyboard, it is easier to grasp the phone but hard to take pics with the on screeen button. My wife has a touch pro 2 and there is an intentional several second delay that I think helps a lot
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    I had a couple thoughts over the weekend on patches.

    1. Close Gdial Pro on hangup. Similar to Close phone app on hangup, but for Gdial Pro.

    2. Hook into bluetooth controls that sense when the 'play' command is sent from the a2dp device to the Pre, the music app opens and begins playing a shuffled playlist.
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    I'd like a patch that will do a search in Calendar. Currently I'm just using the Pre calendar for my default and if I want to find an appointment that's months away, or even months ago, I have to scroll through pages and pages.
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    a few different things:
    I would love a patch that would enable the bluetooth to use an external keyboard as well as a patch that would allow for selective call acceptance. That way you can enter numbers that you want to be able reach you in an emergency and all other numbers would go to voicemail. Im a light sleeper and if the phone rings in the middle of the night I am not able to go back to sleep so i turn my phone off at night. But, if there was an emergency I would like to be able to answer that call.
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    I'd love a patch that would make zoom adjustable for the Photo app:
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    Great idea.

    I'd like to see a patch for PDFView that remembers the last page you were on (or allows you to make 'bookmarks' of some sort). Remembering the view (% zoomed, and current view location) would be icing

    Memorizing (or writing down/typing up) the last page you were on in a PDF, then typing that in and manually jumping to the page, then zooming and centering, every single time you open the PDF, is a real hassle.
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    If there would be a way to silence, or suppress, SMS and email from coming down without completely turning off the ringer, that would be amazing.
    My issue: My ringer needs to stay on at night, in case the security system company at my work calls. Many times I get emails in the middle of the night, which the noise from that will wake me up.
    My thought was something in the top-right menu area to turn on a phone only mode, but still keep the alarm on.

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