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    Would love a patch that works just like Delete from notification, except marks read instead. I don't really do much deleting of emails, really.

    I tried modifying the delete patch by changing setDelete to setRead etc, but it doesn't have any effect.
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    I was thinking the same thing. A patch like this would be more useful as I too never really delete any emails as you really do not have to if you are using a gmail account.

    If the brilliant devs out there can make this patch it would be most ap-PRE-ciated.

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    best for messaging app as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrislo View Post
    best for messaging app as well
    I was thinking the same thing. Like for when i get Twitter SMS', it would be nice to have a 'Set as Read' button to stop my phone from Vibrating ( as i use the Repeat Alert Messaging Patch ).
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    Hi Devs, any word on getting this patch created? It would be most appreciated.

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    This would be nice, but I still want to keep my delete button.

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