i just tried to post about this on my pre, but it froze with the browser, music, and my messaging conversation open. idk about yours but my pre doesn't help me multitask for ****, 1 or 2 apps is all it can do. looking forwards to better webos updates!

anyway, i was trying to browse, and talk to my buddy over aim on the pre at the same time, and whenever i pressed the message notification to reply, the card would switch to the full conversation. i would like to have a place in he large notification to tap and reply right there, in the notification, so that my card wont change, and so i can concentrate more on what im trying to accomplish, ie type out a patch request, like palm advertised.

also, another thing that frustrated me today was that i had a conversation open, and wanted to show someone a picture that someone had txted me in another conversation. i hadn't saved that picture, so i had to go to the conversation. i have separate cards per conversation on on my pre, but when i went to the messaging app, it would only take me to the all ready open conversation card. furthermore, there wasn't an option in the drop menu of the conversation to go back to the buddy list/list of all conversations. i guess i could have typed out the name or number of the guy the txt was from that i was trying to get to, but i didnt think of it at the time, so i closed out of the conversation i was in, and then was able to go to the messaging app to get the conversation i was trying to get to. i think the messaging application icon should all ways take you to the buddy list/conversation list, and or there should be an option to go there/maybe in a new card, from within a conversation (btw, back swipe couldnt take e there cause in the conversation i was in, the person txted me first, so backswipe minimized the conversation card).

thanks for any pointers if these things exist!


o, p.s. my original unposted post said how i liked the reply in notification option using digsby IM client, but how its actually more practical on my palm pre!