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    hideAmazonMP3Store.patch can't be install
    an error occurred while attempting to run /tmp/
    what should i do
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    Open PreWare, search for Amazon, make sure there isn't a version already installed ( if there is, remove it, restart Luna & reopen PreWare ) & you can now install the patches that are in the feeds. There was a problem with the server webOS Internals uses that has now been fixed, so the patches now work. I have removed the patch files i made & been able to install through PreWare.

    Post back here with your results. If you still have trouble i'll see what i can do to help.
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    Well, I'm sure there isn't a version already installed. After open PreWare, I found the version of the patch still 1.3.5-34, the last updated at 4/5/10. I tried to install the patch through PreWare & restart Luna, patch still not working...>_<
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    What version of webOS are you on? If you have a US device the patch should be 1.4.1-x not 1.3.5. Do you have any other patches that have issues? I'll look up the command to forcibly remove patches.
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    Still, other patches are working. I'm using PrePlus.
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    Have you tried applying the patch i have in the thread here? I used the appinfo.json from but that file hasn't change for the past few versions, it should still be good for
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    I'm going to try to find the old version fo the patch for
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    I think i removed the versions when i made the ones. I edited the patch for & attached it.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    No problem. Let me know how it works out for you.
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    Opps, still not working...
    I'll try it again tomorrow.
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    Not working.
    Give up...wait to update webos 1.4.1 for Verizon
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    Yea! help me with my screen clutter, THANK YOU!
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