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    i like the advanced gesture to switch applications, but i like using the gesture to swipe like that to go forwards and backwards in the browser better. im looking for a way to switch applications with the side to side swipe gesture like that only when pressing a keyboard button to toggle the advanced gesture on. or, if doable, do the switch applications a different way, maybe toggled on by holding the center gesture button, and then pressing on either side of the button to move left or right to another open application. i think this might come in handy

    another idea wile im at it, though it might not be a patch, would be an application in the app launcher that would be a shortcut to get to the browser history.

    thanks for any direction if any of these things exist!
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    I still think it would be cool to have an alternative way to swipe between open apps while they are in focus. I'm trying out advanced gestures again, but I'm so used to full swiping the gesture area to navigate, just so I kno that the pre has read it. so, idk if "advanced gestures" as they are will work for me. I'd be down for opt button+swipe (half or full), two finger swipe across the screen, gesture tap+swipe screen, or something else.
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