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    Hi everyone, i dont know if this has already been discussed, but this is a prime concern as a palm pre owner. I've owned my pre for a little over a month now and the battery life is fairly decent i'd say a day to two days worth on a single charge, that being the brightness set at the bare minimum to light up the ketboard and thats it. However, i notice that running applications and then allowing the phone to enter standby significantly drains the battery over a short period of time. for instance having youtube or even the text messaging app open. in fact one time i left youtube open and went into standby only to find my phone had killed itself in less than 20 minutes from a 25% charge. So what i am proposing is a way to enable the phone to keep cards open while somehow reserving battery power when keeping the application open is the only process necessary. For instance, having youtube open stuck at the main search screen not performing any processes. If there was a way to enable this so as to conserve power with cards open i would happily donate to encourage the idea if anyone else besides myself is interested.

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