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    just got it in preware. Works fine.
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    Nice find bro
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    thanks for pointing this out
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    saw it on Preware and tested it right away. auto-correct is disabled in this VK update - I'm sure it will get fixed soon.
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    Drove 3 hours to buy my Palm Pre on day one.
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    The webOS 1.3.1 Virtual Keyboard is now available for installation from the Patches/Mojo section in Preware. Kudos to Eric for porting it to webOS 1.3.1 so quickly.

    If you don't already have Preware, take a look at

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    An idea for a future patch: Once the virtual keyboard is activated, then and only then will the app (messaging) (email) be allowed to be viewed horizontally if desired.

    Im not sure if it just me, but I dislike having the horizontal messaging app applied because sometimes when I go to text, (with the phone still vertical) it initially displays horizontally.

    Just a thought.
    Love all the hard work put in to this patch! Thanks again!
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    I just tried installing it, I still got the IDK error
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    ^... Same here.
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    Installed fine for me, but ...... I strongly dislike it. Keys are way too small, impossible to tell which key you hit, takes up too much screen real estate, I am uninstalling and will stick with the real keyboard. Its just not for me.

    However, I am very much appreciative that it is there for those who want it so badly!!!
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    Install went fine, auto restarted Luna, keyboard wont load...
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    Mine seems to install, but after restarting Luna, it is as if it was never installed. The number of available patches remains the same as it was before installing, and it comes up with the "install" button in Preware.
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    had a similar issue installed confirmed it installed....restarted luna itself, keyboard wouldnt load. so i went back into preware, installed again, restarted again and it now its working
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    I installed it and it said it installed but it will not load.
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    I like the virtual keyboard on the iPhone but I dont like it on the Pre as the screen is so small. I find myself having problems entering text and having to scroll around trying to find where I am and it takes so long to pop up.

    A couple times I used it for sms in the past by the time it appeared and I found where I wanted to type, I could have done 5x as many just using the Pre as it was intended.
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    installed fine last night, works pretty good.
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    Glad this is there...still desperately trying to make myself want it...I just need to see someone doing something with it that I want to do...really...not being a smart**s.. I have just seen SOO many problem threads associated with it that I think I should wait at least until they fix Classic. I am already spending WAY too much time in here :-)

    Post some ideas for it please...other than texting...
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    +1 I installed it last night with out any issues! Thanks for the updates on the VK!! I love the patch!!

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    Just installed works great, had no problems.
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    I updated my feeds in Preware, and it installed properly.
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