Many times, when I'm listening to music, or just driving with my wired headset in my ear, I'll get an incoming call and my eardrum is regularly blasted out by the ringer coming through my wired headset (yes, I have a wired headset mostly, because I haven't had good experience with call quality and my clients don't like the idea that I talk with them a lot while on the road).

I have a few practical workarounds:
- Take the earbud out of my ears when not on a call (works except when listening to music)
- mute the ringer (however, I then miss calls because I don't always hear / feel vibrate mode while in my car)
- charge up my BT headset and use it

But, it'd be great to have an option to NOT have the ringer play via the headset when a wired headset is connected, or to have a separate dedicated volume control for a wired headset.

Does anyone have any ideas on how/if this could be accomplished? I'd appreciate any help on it or if someone wants to tackle coding it.