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    In WebOS 1.2.1, when you received a text message from an individual who emailed a text message to your carrier email address (i.e., all the text messages came into one conversation, regardless of the sender email address, but it allowed you to respond directly via email by tapping the sender's email in the message header.

    Now, in 1.3.1, it matches the conversation to a contact in your address book, but when you respond, it only allows you to text outbound in reply. If someone emails my phone via text message, it usually means it's a priority message that they're trying to reach me or that they don't have a text messaging plan, and want me to respond via an email.

    Is there a way to patch the messaging program to default to an email message, possibly by adding the email address as an option in the drop down list in the upper right hand corner of the conversation window?

    Let me give the regular old "Palm OS allowed me to do this ..." argument, but I completely understand the nature of being an early adopter on a new smartphone platform.

    Any ideas/help would be appreciated. If not a patch, at least a direction to go in to investigate patching it myself. I'm a developer, but haven't had the free time to crack open the code and try patching out for myself. I hope to soon, though!
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    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I'm interested in this too.

    My daughter and I both have new palm pixis. She has a text messaging plan, I don't.

    I am in front of a computer most of the work day and like to email to her phone/text. Before she got the new phone, she would reply and it would come back to my email address. Now with the pixi, all her replies to me come to my phone as a text (thus charging me for the text message)

    If she sends a new text to my email address ( it works fine, but if I reply to her text and she replies back, it goes to my phone.

    She has 1.4.5 update and no preware...yet.

    I think I read that with preware there is a patch now where she may be able to select my email address to reply to? Any other way to get the top right "text" to indicate my email address?

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