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    It did not work for me when it was still 1.3.1, but I did not remove the other one, then I had an IPK error in WebOSQuickInstall. It's not a big deal, I was playing around and found one that just lets you select roam only when you do the wifi, bluetooth drop down menu.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    You have to remove the one you installed via Preware or device management with webosquickinstall before you install this one. You can use webosquickinstall to install the patch I posted.
    What I meant was, we need to make your patch the one people download through Preware!
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    I will submit it today, I didn't know if the original creator of the patch was going to submit it. I just needed it to work for me and I shared with the community.
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