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    I'm not sure if this one is possible, but I would LOVE it if switching to vibrate would make me "Busy" in google chat, and then be set back to available when I put the ringer switch back on (or even better, my usual Available status message of "Mobile")

    Some might prefer sign in/out with the switch. Ideally you could adjust these in Sound & Ringtones preferences for the switch on and off.
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    Ooh, brilliant idea, my friend. I think this'd be more in-depth than a simple patch, but count me interested.
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    Yeah, it'd be a bit challenging. Perhaps a simpler version: Available/Busy toggle in top-right bar?
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    That's a really cool idea and elegant solution to marking auto-away.
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    i was just about to post a request for this/or the drop list toggle. this is a great idea so that i can still get messages at work, but people will kno that they might not hear back from me immediately, because i leave it as available just because i dont have want go through the app&stuff to change it
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    this would be really convenient
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    Great idea.
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    I pulled this off to get the ringer switch to toggle IM online/offline with mode switcher. But a patch would be cool. Hopefully mode switcher doesn't delete my modes if there is another update. Also, mode switcher does look complicated for more average users.

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