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    Ever since webOS 1.2, the fonts in outgoing emails have appeared as 12 pt Verdana when viewed in Outlook. Compared to 10 pt Arial or 11 pt Calibri, it looks big and cartoonish, unprofessional. In 1.3.1, they modified some of the formatting to make things look a bit more uniform, but 12 pt Verdana has remained.

    Precentral user Jonolee has figured out how to fix this, and has helpfully provided the modified files for 1.3.1 in this post:

    Can someone who knows what they're doing turn these into a proper patch so WOSQI and Preware users can benefit?
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    a patch would be helpful!!!
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    Any chance of getting this added as a patch? For anyone using Outlook and Exchange, the way Palm handles this looks quite unprofessional.
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    isnt there already a patch up on preware.?
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    This sure would help, fonts while replying to emails on Exchange aren't consistent and a patch would be great.

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