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    With 1.3.1 when I install this patch a strange thing happens. When I compose a new email and hit send, a notification tells me it is being sent (and the recipient does receive the email) but instead of the card with the email flying off the screen as it is supposed to, it stays in place.

    I removed the patch but I am hoping this is fixed as I really want his patch.

    Anyone else have this problem??
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    ha... Yup, was just going to post about it. I had the same issue when I first insalled this patch under the prior version of the OS, but a reboot cured it. I have rebooted several times to no avail, so I removed the patch.
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    I can't even install this patch now. After installing the landscape email patch, it gives me an error. It appears that the place where the patch is supposed to go is now on a different line in one of the files after installing the landscape patch, so the Add Priority Discard Btns won't install properly.... kinda annoying..... haven't run into this with other patches before. If a patch modifies a file, then how does another patch which modifies a different area of the same file deal with that? That appears to be what is happening here... and its obviously not dealing with it very well......
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    I too had the same problem. I uninstalled. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. I liked this patch a lot.
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    yep I can confirm as well. I removed the patch and the issue went away.
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    I have sent the correct file to preware. Here is the correct patch. Somehow during the transition to 1.3.1 the wrong version of the patch was put up. This should fix any issue you have. The people that have contacted me via email have not reported any problems once I sent them this patch.

    @supercluver this should also fix the lanscape email problem. This was my first patch and I forgot I had already applied the lanscape patch when I made the patch, the reference to that file has been removed from the patch.
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