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    I had the patch "Match State to Area Code" installed and working during WebOS 1.2 then I installed WebOS 1.3 and I forgot to remove all my patches.

    I installed the Emergency Patch Removal tool in Preware which fixed most of the problems I had when trying to uninstall patches.

    Everything is back to normal except 1 patch, the "Match State to Area Code" patch.

    How can I uninstall this patch without it giving an error? How can I fix this problem? I would prefer not to use webOS Doctor.
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    I am having the problem removing the Snooze Duration Patch.... Can't remove it.. anyone please help?
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    I can't remove Reset Scroll Position. EPR didn't remove it before the 1.3.1 update and now I can't remove it at all.
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    how do I get the emergency patch removal I seen it a while back but I can't find it now

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