The last update gave us the ability to change sounds for texts (you do this from preferences of the messaging app itself). What has still yet to be addressed is the lack of options when it comes to texting and chatting through AIM or Yahoo or Gtalk.

If you are get a text from a friend, your phone plays your set text sound. You go over to your phone and exchange a few texts, hear the sound a few more times.

Your friend has something a bit extensive to tell you so you both decide to go on AIM. Brace yourself for the barrage of sound effects you will hear for every message they send you; if several of your friends are online, prepare to be particularly inundated.

How about a patch that gives you some options here?

First, it would be nice if, whenever you opened a contact's file in the messenger application, it always defaulted to text, or at least had the option. If I want to message someone, 99% of the time it's using text messaging--I will manually switch to another form of communication if necessary.

Second, it seems that if you are looking at a message you are receiving in AIM, the notification sound plays. Which means if you are in AIM talking to Peter, each time he sends you a message you hear the notification sound. If Paul sends you a message, you hear the text sound effect as the pop-up presents itself. If you switch conversations, you will then hear the notification sound each time Paul sends a message, only to hear the text sound effect once Peter finally responds again.

How about a way to seperate sounds entirely? Maybe give each messaging front end it's own sounds: AIM sounds different than Yahoo which sounds different than Gchat.

Also, setting sound preferences overall would be nice. If I am actively chatting with someone in AIM, is it even necessary that a sound plays, be it text messaging sound or otherwise? How about if I receive an actual text message from someone not on AIM at the moment, I hear the text messeging sound, but new conversation notifications stay mum if I so choose--what are the odds that I am going to leave my phone some place with battery draining chat programs anyway, really?

I guess for now I'll just keep to my usual routine: using AIM sporadically and making sure to mute the phone once I'm on it.