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    I'd love to have an icon that would appear in the top bar when the ringer switch is off. I turn it off at night and other times and often forget that it's off. The other day I couldn't find my phone in the house and couldn't hear it ring because I left the ringer switch off. A little speaker icon with a red line thru it would be great!

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    I'd like this too; I often forget I've switched the ringer off, and the red area behind the switch on the top is very small and quite difficult to see in some lights.
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    I 'd like to back that. BUT actually : I need another thing.

    If I put my Ringer switch to OFF (operahouse, theater, cinema, meetings etc. ) it is hard to detect this later. Sometimes too late. And people say, I wasn't available.

    I would like to see a huge white-red (two sharp colours) symbol in the middle of the whole screen, when I start using the PRE again (after an unknown switched-off period) by unlocking the keyboard or just pushing the power button (in the upright corner). This is the only method to alarm me to have the ringer tone still suppressed. When I see that big red and white sign (double-outlined) I immediately get an impuls to change that or not.

    At the moment, my little ringer tone sign in the top bar has no effect on me, because I'm not aware that the ringer has been put off a few hours ago. I just don't remember or exspect it. So I do not react in time. It's not visible. You have to search for it. But I don't do that. I got other problems in my life.

    There must be an XXL sign on the big screen for about 3 seconds after revitalizing the PRE by switching it on. Always - until I put it on again.

    Can that be done?

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    There is a patch for this already, check preware. It is not exactly as you describe... here is the thread for it also note that there is a limit to the number if icons displayed in the top bar.

    I would suggest using mode switcher, setting up a mode where the ringer (and whatever else you want) is silenced, and you can set a special background for this mode. you can also make battery saver modes and a bunch of other neat stuff.

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