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    was wondering if anyone could make a patch to adjust the volume in the alarm clock separate (independent) from system or phone sounds???
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    Anyone else interested in this??
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    I am. I just recently discovered pandora. I was listening to music last night on a low volume setting and I noticed the alarm came on at the same volume. this is not good. Can some one please create this patch.
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    I 3rd that, I'd also love to see a patch for this. One thing I dislike about my Pre is the fact that even though ringers and notifications are set to a default volume if you change the volume with the side keys it changes the default volumes. What's the point of having the volume settings to start with? I want my volume keys to affect music and apps not the ringtones and notifications too.

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    I'd love this if it's possible. I had an alarm set the other day, and didn't realize the volume was all the day up. The sound came out loud and distorted and scared the crap out of me!

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