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    Have you ever wished that an app had a certain feature? Ever wished something were easier? The patch developers did not just wish for new features. They made them!

    A patch is modification or correction applied to an existing program. PreCentral members and others have developed patches to add or change features in webOS Messaging, Email, Calendar, Phone, Browser, Launcher and other applications.

    All patches are under development and provided "As-Is" and without warranty of any kind. None of these patches are official modifications and are not provided by Palm, Inc. Palm, Inc. retains full rights to webOS and all other software and hardware. Caution should be used in applying these patches.

    For installation instructions, see Getting Started: Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes. Dozens of patches are featured in the articles, There's a Patch for That (Part 1), Part 2, and Part 3. Here is a list of available Patches.

    Notes to Patch Developers
    Please create a separate thread in the WebOS Patches forum for each patch with the thread title in this format: [Patch] patch name.

    Unless stated otherwise, all patches at PreCentral are provided "As-Is" and free of charge under the MIT Open Source License. See the MIT Open Source License for details. If a patch is not offered under the MIT Open Source License, this warning must be the first sentence in the opening post in a bold font:

    This patch is NOT offered under the MIT Open Source License.

    Note that the full Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy apply in this forum as do the Forum Guidelines. By posting in this forum, you have agreed to these and all other forum terms and conditions.
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