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    I really dont think the Fixes for the PRE being stuck in headset mode are effective.

    But think of a patch that modifies the detection scheme (if there is one). Give the settings a lil "float" so the phone wont think pocket lint is a headset. Or better yet; a toggle function say on the top info bar that allows you to select where to output sound.

    Note the phone does choose the rear speaker for video and music playback when no headset is detected and switches to headset as soon as you plug them in. But when it's logic gets stuck in headset mode there is no mercy.
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    a couple of voiced comments would be appreciated or am i alone in this struggle
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    I'm with you on it. Would make life much easier to just turn the headset mode off outright.
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    Actually....perhaps a better question should be asked first. Is it even possible to disable the headset mode via the software?
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    Well Chode. I believe so; but i cant confirm since i didnt design the phone of course.
    WARNING: slight rant

    Being the intuitive "engineer" i am, i wouldnt use anything mechanical to control the detection logic. I did a lil searching and a jack detection circuit is much more modern (no MAJOR moving parts and solid state). Much less wear and tear for a smartphone that is suppose to last say 2-years.

    Simple: when something is pluged in circuit is complete...talks to (sound) driver
    Same something unplugged ..circiut is more talk to driver again
    (i dont think most pocket lint and dirt is conductive not even 3.5mm of it)
    but a short in the circuit is possible

    even so the last stage has to be software....which i would imagine can be manipulated thru a patch
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    Damn now it sounds like my phone's speaker is blown.....the phone is slowly going into a terminal vegetative state. I might just have to pull the plug on my 1st generation PRE.
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