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    I would like to have a patch that will allow me to turn off the screen without having to use the physical power button. This may sound strange but the power button broke in my first pre and the one I have now is getting weak. I plan to put this button on my short cut bar.
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    My power button just broke and I don't have the insurance so I'm not sure my Pre will be replaced and I can't afford a new one. I already called my local Sprint store and the manager answered and was a complete B!#*$. She said all they do is order new phones they won't even take a look at mine. I callled the repair centers and they will be closed until next Monday (4 days) and they doubt they will be able to do anything since I don't have the insurance. I asked about the manufacturer's warranty and they said I would have to deal with Palm directly.

    I am so effin' ****ed right now.

    So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a simple little patch/app. Doesn't have to be fancy or impressive, just something I can add to my shortcut bar to turn off the screen.

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