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    I didn't see this anywhere esle. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a at patch that would make a backup of all installed patches, so that after you do an update you can use this to restore them all back to your phone. Patch may not be the right thing. I may be looking for more of a program but is this out anywhere. I mean I have about 35 patches on my phone and with this new update coming it would be so much easier to back up the patches and then restore them after the update
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    No you would not want to store the old webOS patches and reinstall them. Much of what the patches do has to be changed when the new webOS comes out.

    We have 1.3.1 and the patch developers are hard at work updating each patch. There are still patches not updated from when we went to 1.2.0/1.2.1

    - Craig
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    thanks, makes enough sense

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