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    When I create a new text message, and want to send it to a bunch of different contacts, I have to hit the new msg button, press the address book icon, select a name, press the address book again, scroll to the next it, press the address book icon YET AGAIN....scroll (and by now the phone is starting to scroll VERY SLOWLY), select...repeat.

    Can we have it so that when you hold the orange button, its equivalent to holding the CTRL key in Windows, when you want to select multiple items?

    It would make my "good morning" texts, and similar messages, go through a lot quicker/easier...
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    I would love this smsgroups would also be lovely
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    or you could start typing the person name and not have to click the address book oh and good morning
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    I have never used the address book to find contacts to send a text, I've always just typed in their name.

    What I would like changed is when I reply to a text, I'd like to be able to add additional recipients. Is this possible? If not, a patch would be great for this!
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    Sending an original text to multi contacts is as easy as typing their names.

    I have the forward patch installed and when I want to reply to the sender and someone new, I just forward the SMS and add everyone.
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    Sms groups would be great indeed!

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