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    Hi, i think its very useless having that empty start screen, why not put something usefull on it, for example the next calendar events, or newest email, somehow like the Windows Mobile Screen, or you could just put the Applauncher in front allways (like iPhone), is there any app like that or do you have any other ideas how to use that space?
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    I came from windows mobile and this is the only thing I miss. I would love to see something like this
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    no one else interested in this?
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    I would love to see a small weather feature on the a animated weather application, such as the APS app that someone came out with. But it was only an App, if someone could create the APS as a theme. It would be great.

    But yeah, a Animated Weather Feature on the desktop is what im looking for.
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    Something like on Windows Mobile so you can change in the settings what you need, like one row Calendar events and the second row might have to-do's than weather and so on, maybe some app where you can create plugins for.
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    looks like no programmer is interested in this, so someone may close this
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    I think this is a great idea and hopefully Palm agrees.. they should add a weather "Widget" or twitter, Facebook, stocks, tv listing - what ever. Sorry I'm not a programmer
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    Would it be possible to make an app that is transparent, i.e. a weather app with a transparent background would be on your "desktop" and look like a card still
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    but than you would only have weather, i think it would be better to have lot of stuff like:

    - eMail (No new Emails or 1 new Email in Hotmail)
    - chat (No new Messages or 1 SMS, 1 Yahoo)
    - Weather (New York 5 C)
    - Calendar (14:30 Metting with Joe)
    - Tasks (2 open tasks)
    - Facebook (3 new messages)

    so you can add/delete what you need, i.e. if you dont use Facebook you can just uncheck it in some kind of settings and it wont show, just like in Windows Mobile

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