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    Once again I have found my phone on airplane mode! Can someone make a patch to remove this from the drop down menu. Airplane mode can still be turned on by pressing the power button, so why does it have to be in that menu?? Its just to eazy to turn airplane mode on!

    EDIT: FROM Jason Robitailli, Master of all things Pre,

    "Here ya go, should also be fully compatible with the other device menu patches"

    Jason has come through again and made us another great patch. Please remember the Pre wouldn't be what it is with out all his great tools and patches IMO everyone with a Pre that has downloaded his stuff should click that DONATE button. I have and will again next payday!!
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    Last edited by mracer29; 11/15/2009 at 10:23 AM. Reason: Jason provided the patch.
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    I concur
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    I agree - I hit that all the time.
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    yea I hit this accidentally all the time too
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    I tryed my best to find something in the systemui device-menu assistant and eveything I tryed locked uup the emulator. So someone smarted than me has to do it...
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    Bump to keep this on peoples minds.....
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    Why there is more than one way to do this I have no clue!
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    You've got my vote to remove airplane mode from the drop down menu. I hit that thing All the time! S-T-O-P!!!!
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    I'm so glad to find out I'm not the only one. I thought it was just me being lame.
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    aah & I thought I was just an *****! (I may be...) but I feel better I am not the only one!
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    actually, I want to remove date and battery status from dropdown list, I have to drag the list every time I try to toggle other function.
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    Id love this too.
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    I want to get rid of airplane mode but thats because I added the "phone on/off" option so now i don't need it. Nice to not have to turn bluetooth back on when I switch to airplane because I use it all the time int he subway to save battery. Also options to kill the date and battery would be nice. I never use the date on that tab. Maybe even combine the date and battery on one line like "10/11/09 - 73%". I really don't need labels on that info at this point.
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    No fix in 1.3.1 still need a patch.
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    I'll get ya one in an hour or two once I finish the WOSQI update I'm workin on
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    Love all your work Jason, pre would not be nearly as fun and functional without all your patches and QI, etc. I would love to make it harder to pull down the whole menu like a double tap or slide down gesture just for the top menu. I just tap it was too often and then have to tap outside to dismiss. This is one of my few complaints except better and more api in SDK.
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