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    I really hope palm is going to make this feature A LOT smarter in a future update, like at least following where the text you are actually typing is at so you can see it at all times. Also zooming in is not always good because you cannot see the title of the text box, like in filling out address forms etc.

    anyway, in the meantime it would be EXCELLENT if we could have the option to turn it off! Thanks if this is possible.
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    Can someone please create a patch that will disable this zoom when clicking on the text entry boxes? Or maybe allow an option on the Web Browser preferences to trun it on/off?
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    I also want the view of the page to follow your typing curser in a text field. Also, when I tap on a drop menu in browser, I should be able ti go to the option I want by typing or beginning to type it. Currnt phone browser doesn't have that functionality

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